Therapy for Living Receives ADDC Award, Grants

Therapy for Living Receives ADDC Design Award, Grants

Therapy for Living was recognized by the Albemarle Downtown Development Corporation (ADDC) with the quarterly Appearance Award. Located on 217 W. Main Street, Therapy for Living is being recognized by the ADDC Design Committee during the fourth quarter of 2017 for overall appearance.

Business owner Hallie Sikes made a number of improvements after purchasing the building, including interior painting, new flooring, new door, and signage.

Sikes is also the recipient of matching design and architectural grants made available through the ADDC.

The goal of the quarterly appearance award is to acknowledge businesses that continue to enhance their building façade, make signage improvements or have effective window displays, and to encourage businesses and landlords to keep a fresh, business-ready appearance.

ADDC offers a grant matching assistance program to qualified downtown business owners for sign, façade and architectural improvements. Grant application forms are available online at or at the ADDC office, located in City Hall.

(pictured l to r: Mark Donham, Economic Development Director for the City of Albemarle/Chair of the ADDC Economic Vitality Committee; Hallie Sikes, Owner of Therapy for Living, and Kent Harkey, Chairman of the ADDC Design Committee).